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题目Study of Power Plants, Carbon Capture and Transport through Systems Engineering Techniques

报告人:英国谢菲尔德大学 王美宏 教授

时间:2017.12.25, 14:30-16:30


邀请人:高宁博 副教授


The Seminar will start with an introduction to Systems Engineering, followed by motivations of their research. The main part will be their research in Carbon Capture and Transport in the context of Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS). Then the topic will be extended to the use of Systems Engineering methods for study in Energy Storage and Bio-Energy.


Professor Meihong Wang joined the University of Hull in Oct. 2012 as Reader, was promoted to Professorship in Aug. 2014. From Sept. 2016, he moved to the University of Sheffield as Professor of Energy Systems. He is a Chartered Engineer and has published over 100 technical papers. One of his publications was awarded SAGE Best Paper Prize 2014 and also Ludwig Mond Prize 2014 by IMechE. Since 2006, he has been involved in organising 7 international academic conferences. He hosted 10th European Conference on Coal research and Its Application (ECCRIA 10) at the University of Hull in Sept. 2014. He is currently Associate Editor for IMechE Journal of Process Mechanical Engineering.

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