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        应能源与动力工程学院田文喜教授邀请,法国电力公司EDF研发中心Mathieu GUIGO,Nicolas MERIGOUX,Marie-Charlotte GAUFFRE,Erwan LE COUPANEC,Yvan FOURNIER及Cedric FLAGEUL六位专家将于2017年9月2日来访我校,并将为大家带来CFD程序Code_Saturne在工业领域的实际案例与EDF两相流软件NEPTUNE_CFD的应用介绍。





        1)NEPTUNE_CFD basic introduction and application

        2)NEPTUNE_CFD 4.0: News and Features

        3)CFD Study of Flow Redistributions in Fuel Assemblies

        4)Validation of EDF CFD Tool Code_Saturne on A 40° Bend Configuration at High 

              Reynolds Numbers

        5)Conclusion presentation of Code_Saturne and SALOME_CFD

        6)Large Eddy Simulation of a Turbulent Channel Flow with Fluid-Solid Thermal Coupling





       Presentation1 NEPTUNE_CFD 4.0: News and Features



Research-engineer in CFD at EDF R&D, NEPTUNE_CFD development team and in charge of the code distribution.

NEPTUNE_CFD is a multi-fluid code co-developed by EDF / CEA / AREVA / IRSN. His domains of expertise are focusing on the modeling of industrial two-phase flows related to nuclear reactor safety issues. And more particularly, on the Pressurized Thermal Shocks, Gas Transportation in Pipes and Pool Boiling themes which involves stratified and boiling flows with flow regime transitions and heat and mass transfer.

Mathieu GUINGO


Mathieu Guingo is research engineer at EDF R&D, currently in charge of the project encompassing the development of the NEPTUNE_CFD code. He graduated from Ecole Centrale de Lyon in 2005, and has a Ph.D. in two-phase flow modeling from Université de Lorraine (2008). He contributed to the development of the particle-tracking module of Code_Saturne, and has been part of the NEPTUNE_CFD development team since 2008.

       Presentation2 Numerical simulation of turbulent flow in a 5x5 bare bundle with Code_Saturne

Marie-Charlotte GAUFFRE


After a PhD in fluid dynamics with Neptune_CFD from Université de Toulouse, Marie-Charlotte Gauffre started as a CFD engineer in Fives Pillard. For almost two years now, she has been working as a research engineer at EDF R&D in the team in charge of studying local thermohydraulics. Her activity consists in simulating turbulent single phase flow with Code_Saturne, after creating or manipulating CAD or meshes, in the framework of rod guide wear and fuel assembly deformation.

       Presentation3 Large Eddy Simulation of a turbulent channel flow with fluid-solid thermal coupling


(Josef Stephan Institute)

Cedric Flageul received his PhD on fluid mechanics from the University of Poitiers in 2015. During his PhD, he was working with the Pr Eric Lamballais, the Pr Dominique Laurence and the Dr Sofiane Benhamadouche. He is currently doing some research at the Institute Jozef Stefan with the Pr Iztok Tiselj. His work focuses on turbulent heat transfer, fluid-solid thermal coupling and thermal fatigue.

       Presentation4 Validation of EDF CFD Tool Code_Saturne on A 40° Bend Configuration at High Reynolds Numbers



CFD research-engineer at EDF R&D, he is a member of Code_Saturne development team, in charge of the Verification and Validation process and training sessions in Paris.

He received a Master degree in Modelling and Numerical Simulation at ENSTA ParisTech in 2011, then started as a developer engineer for CS, a consulting engineering company. Since 2013, he has been working at EDF R&D on Code_Saturne development. His work has been focusing on compressible flow, numerical schemes and verification and validation.

       Presentation5 (presentation title)



CFD research-engineer at EDF R&D, he is a member of Code_Saturne development team, in charge of the code’s toolchain, architecture, and releases.

He obtained a “diplôme d’ingénieur” (equivalent to a Master) in aeronautics in 1994 from École Centrale Paris. He has been working at EDF R&D since 1998, mainly on various software engineering, high performance computing, and pre and post-processing aspects of Code_Saturne. Earlier work also includes CFD modeling of cooling towers and PWR fuel assemblies.

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