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美国普林斯顿大学Yiguang Ju教授讲座通知
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讲座一:Combustion: A Key Player in Transitioning to Low Carbon Renewable Energy

报告人Prof. Yiguang Ju



邀请人:黄佐华 教授,穆海宝 副教授


       This lecture will discuss the critical role and potential of advanced combustion in a carbon constrained world. Firstly, we will discuss the recent advanced technologies and concepts of electricity and power generation to drastically improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. The concept of using hydrogen produced from excess renewable electricity and low energy content biogas for fuel and load flexible low carbon power generation will be introduced. High pressure oxy combustion and supercritical CO2 power generation cycle will be discussed. Secondly, the technology development of advanced internal combustion engines with fuel and engine co-optimization will be presented. Challenges of ignition, emissions and knocking control of low temperature combustion will be analyzed. Opportunities and challenges of fast fuel screening, predictive kinetic mechanism, and computational tool development as well as advanced laser diagnostics and plasma assisted combustion control will be summarized.


讲座二:Plasma Assisted Combustion: Progress and Challenges

报告人:Prof. Yiguang Ju



邀请人:黄佐华 教授,穆海宝 副教授


       In this lecture, the recent progresses in plasma assisted combustion, in-situ mid-IR diagnostics, and studies of low temperature plasma combustion kinetic mechanism are discussed. The observations of plasma activated direction ignition to flame transition, cool flames, and mild combustion are presented. The direct measurements of intermediate species and the kinetic pathways of low temperature ethylene/methanol oxidation in a non-equilibrium plasma reactor and a photolysis reactor are reviewed. The validity of low temperature plasma combustion kinetic mechanism is discussed. The recent development high pressure kinetic mechanism for plasma assisted combustion and technical challenges for future research are summarized.




       Yiguang Ju is the Robert Porter Patterson Professor at Princeton University. He received his bachelor degree in Engineering Thermo-physics from Tsinghua University in 1986, and his PhD degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Tohoku University (Japan) in 1994.  He was appointed as an Assistant and Associate Professor at Tohoku University from 1995 to 1999, and as a Chang-Jiang Professor and the Director of Thermo-physics Institute at Tsinghua University in 2000. He joined Princeton University in 2001. Prof. Ju’s research interests include combustion and propulsion in the areas of near limit combustion, microscale combustion, plasma assisted propulsion, alternative fuels, multiscale modeling, and functional nano-materials. He is an ASME Fellow and is serving as the chair of US Sections of the Combustion Institute and an Associate Editor for AIAA Journal, Proceedings of Combustion Institute, and Frontiers in Energy. He received the Bessel Research Award from von Humboldt Foundation and is a distinguished visiting fellow of Royal Academy of Engineering of the UK.



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