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日本大阪大学连接焊接研究中心Omid Mokhtari特聘研究员讲座通知
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受能动学院Marco Fronzi副教授邀请,日本大阪大学连接焊接研究中心Omid Mokhtari特聘研究员将于2017425日到427日访问我校,并为全校师生做一场学术报告,欢迎大家积极参加。


讲座人简介Omid Mokhtari本科毕业于机械工程专业,随后获得了英国斯特林大学创新和技术管理学硕士学位。获得硕士学位之后,他于2008年在英国伦敦国王学院攻读博士学位,主要研究课题是:强化的纳米颗粒焊料在高温条件下的应用。获得博士学位后,他于2012年至今,担任日本大阪大学连接焊接研究中心的特聘研究员,长期致力于微电子连接的微观结构,机械性能以及长期可靠性的研究。






题目Long-term reliability of Pb-free solder between copper interconnect and silicon in photovoltaic solar cell


报告摘要:Photovoltaic (PV) solar cell has become the most representatively renewable resource due to the worldwide green energy development. Although the reliability status of PV systems is reported as acceptable and non-critical, the identification, adoption, and utilization of reliable interconnection technology to assemble crystalline silicon solar sell in PV module are critical to ensure that the device performs continually up to 20 years of its life span. It has been widely reported that the daily thermal cycles which PV modules are subjected to in the field is one of the causes of degradation experienced by its interconnection.

        After removal of Pb from most of interconnection technology, the PV industry is also coping with the transition to Pb-free solder, from the traditionally used eutectic Sn36Pb2Ag solder, for interconnection technology. This talk will explain the background research on various types of solder joints in microelectronics manufacturing which can be used as leverage to support future research on the long-term reliability of solar cells in PV industry. In previous studies, the microstructure, mechanical properties, and fracture mechanism of various solder joints have been investigated which will be presented in this talk.

        This will be followed by exhibiting the current developments and also the challenges in the interconnection technology used in PV solar cells. The common failure mechanism in crystalline silicon PV module will be shown and the reliability issues in thermo-mechanical behavior of solder joints will be explained.

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