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Dr. Dongping Chen 学术报告
发布时间:2017-03-08 10:22:47 点击量:869

A journey towards a “predictive” soot model

报告人Dr. Dongping Chen



邀请人:黄佐华 教授,王金华 副教授


Abstract: Soot is generally regarded as a pollutant. The polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) molecules are widely accepted as the precursor of soot and the clustering of PAHs are believed to initialize soot formation. It is difficult to characterize the PAH clusters in situ using current experimental techniques. Numerical modeling of soot formation is viewed as an alternative to bypass the experimental difficulties. We developed a population balance model for soot growth in laminar flames. On the other hand, we built up homogeneous PAH clusters to mimic the behavior of nascent soot particles using the molecular dynamics (MD) method. Combining the knowledge learned from the MD method, it is possible to fill in the missing pieces in our soot model and eventually we hope that this will yield a “predictive” soot model.


Dr. Dongping Chen is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the NanoEnergy lab in the Mechanical Engineering Department, Stanford University. His primary research interests fall into the areas of particle formation in flames, particularly soot. More specifically, his research includes particle dynamics in laminar flames, high-pressure kinetics, transport theories and large-scale optimization. Prior to joining Stanford University, he conducted research on soot formation using numerical methods under the supervision of Professor Markus Kraft, University of Cambridge. He contributed significantly towards the understanding of molecular structures and properties of soot particles using molecular dynamics (MD) method.

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